Combined fixed prosthesis, removable and implantology for cases of edentulous whole or partial, we hold expertise in these various areas and are willing to advise you on a personalized treatment plan. Various attachments are needed for their realization such as milling, interlock, locks, slides and telescopic system. Our philosophy is to simplify your work.

In many cases, mixed works constitutes an appropriate solution and is the best alternative to apparent clasp. Crowns with milled guided surfaces, implants and metallic pivots fitted with precision attachments to fix partial dentures. With unaestheic clasp eliminated, we can satisfy the most demanding customers. There exists a vast array of efficient accessories suitable for many situations. These processes can appear complex but we aim to simplify your work so that restorations, intra-oral installations and long-term follow-ups can be accomplished agreeably. Send us your designs so we can advise you.

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