Whether it’s pre-dosed investment material packets from Germany, vacuum kneaded with an expansion liquid, or waxed-calibrated pre-forms laid by expert hands, or state of the art equipment such as electronic drying ovens, or Dentaurum chrome-cobalt alloy casting induction melting devices, no effort will be spared to offer you metal prosthesis of exceptional quality and unequaled comfort.

Furthermore, we have just acquired two D-lyte cold-polishing machine. This new technology assures us a brilliant mirror-like finish without rubber gum usage, therefore preventing heat induced hook distortion.

The metal partial denture, as his name indicates, is made from a metallic structure. Used to replace one or several missing teeth, it’s hooked to adjacent teeth. Since the partial prosthesis puts additional strain on the adjacent teeth or support structure, special attention to the structure’s design is essential. Thanks to their wide experience and outstanding expertise, our technicians can take care of this crucial stage for you. The supporting teeth structure is made of gum coloured acrylic. A metal structure offers many advantages to the patient: the prosthesis is lightweight and solid, easy to maintain, in-mouth adaptation is usually quick and painless, causes no damage to supporting natural teeth and no tooth decay under normal hygiene practice.

We build our metal parts using a conventional process, tried and tested for many years. We use a high-quality alloy with mechanical features very resistant to breakage. Its elasticity produces smooth and solid metal frames. After polishing, we obtain a shiny and impeccable metal structure.

Crafting excellence, together.

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