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Metallic Framework

A metal structure that rests on the remaining teeth using clasps, used to replace one or more missing teeth

A proven design process for a comfortable and durable product

The alloy used in the manufacture of the part has mechanical characteristics that make it highly resistant to breakage. Its high elasticity allows for the creation of smooth, solid frameworks. Production methods and choice of materials ensure a product that meets both the treatment plan and the patient’s expectations.

Production process

  • Cold polishing, performed with a state-of-the-art machine, prevents heat-induced clasps distortion and guarantees a brilliant mirror-like finish without rubber gum usage.

The benefits of a metallic framework for the patient

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Normally fast adaptation
  • Does not damage the natural teeth on which it rests
  • Does not cause cavities under normal hygiene conditions

Technical product specifications

  • Alloy with a high elasticity, reducing the risk of clasps breakage
  • High brilliance after polishing facilitates cleaning


  • Nylon clasps in various colours (pink, transparent or Coloured (according to Vita guide))
  • Available in chrome or gold



TrakDesign - more than a 3D visualizer

TrakDesign - more than a 3D visualizer

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