30 September 2020


We’re very proud to announce the opening of our brand-new lab in summer 2021, enabling Lafond Desjardins to position itself as an industry leader in the manufacturing of dental prosthetics.
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Dental products

powerful and incredibly accurate

We are constantly looking for the latest dental innovations and new manufacturing techniques. Our state-of-the-art lab possess high-tech facilities and softwares that enable us to design accurate, durable and high-quality dental products.

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Esthetic and functional solutions for patients with diastema, bruxism and ceramic flaking problems, the Zirkonzahn team has created an extra-translucent zirconia. Named Prettau Zirconia , it enables full zirconia esthetic restorations.
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Digital technologies

The dental domain is in constant evolution. For several years now we have adapted our fabrication techniques to reflect the new realities of the digital world.
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Ceramic-zirconia veneers, crowns and bridges, E.Max restorations, Californian bridges and whitening trays are part of our dental esthetic services.
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Fixed prostheses

We have the necessary expertise to build all types of fixed prosthesis. The results will meet all your expectations.
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Original components, reliable retention systems, bio-compatible materials : we are able to produce the most complex and durable dental works.
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Removable prostheses

The technique and materials used combined with leading edge equipment ensures a final product of perfect precision and maximum comfort.
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Mixed works

Mixed works combine fixed or removable prostheses and implantology. We have the expertise to advise you with a personalized treatment plan.
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Implants bars

Dolder, telescopic abutments, milled or round bars, Hader or Montreal, we have mastered the art of implant-supported prostheses.
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Trak application
Follow your cases evolution in real time
Colour setting, photos and staining
Patients can visit us for colour setting, photos or in-mouth staining.
Design proposal and estimate
Whether it's for a device suggestion design or a treatment plan, our team will send you a written quotation.
Tool rental and purchase
We place at your disposal all necessary tools for your implant or attachment work installations.
Articulator calibration
Entrust us with your Stratos Articulator, we have the necessary equipment and experience to calibrate them.
We offer quick repair services to all our clientele.
A free delivery service is offered throughout the province. Courrier dentaire, ICS, Dicom.
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« A laboratory where I can come unannounced, open the door, and be greeted with a smile, meet and discuss. But mostly, where I can refer my patients without worry. »

Dr Patrick Champagne

« For my cases, I want what's best. For my cases, Lafond Desjardins produces what's best. »

Dr Marc Couture

« Quality is a constant concern for Charles, Marc and their team. For me, what distinguishes them the most, is their open mindedness and their great communication with clients. »

Dr Daniel Cantin

« What a pleasure to have quality work! Service is always fast and of great professionalism. Congratulations to all the team and thank you for your excellent work! »

Dr Bruno Carré

« In life, in general, I never make compromises on quality. It seemed appropriate to do business with Lafond Desjardins, a team with the same concern for quality as me. They listen to you and advise you adequately. »

André Côté DD

« Over time we have developed a nice complicity and the resulting trust is highly satisfying. A case sent to Lafond Desjardins is guaranteed success. »

Martin Lazure DD

« Lafond Desjardins is not only a good laboratory, they're a team that recognizes the value of the clinic's efforts invested in their clients. »

Dr Patrice Milot