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Digital dental prostheses

Experience a collaborative and modern process that ensures a dental product perfectly tailored to your treatment plan.


Digital nightguard

A product that offers fitted retention and resistance to bending and breakage

Digital removable full denture

A natural-looking removable prosthesis with a uniform thickness for enhanced comfort and functionality

Digital Metallic Framework

A removable prosthesis delivering superior occlusal comfort, created with customized parameters

Digital crown and bridge

Durable, high-quality prostheses with properties comparable to those of natural teeth

Digital Prettau bridge

A product made from zirconia with perfect morphology and internal and external hand-colouring

Dental products

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Original components, reliable retention systems, bio-compatible materials : we are able to produce the most complex and durable implants works.
Removable prostheses
The technique and materials used combined with leading edge equipment ensures a final product of perfect precision and maximum comfort.
Fixed prostheses
We have the necessary expertise to build all types of fixed prosthesis. The results will meet all your expectations.
Mixed works
Mixed works combine fixed, removable prostheses and implantology. We have the expertise to advise you with a personalized treatment plan.
Implants bars
A wide selection of titanium implant bars for fixed or removable prostheses. Each bar is precision-machined to guarantee passivity and ensure a porosity-free product.
Snoring / Apnea
The D-SAD mandibular advancement device releases respiratory tracts and limits occlusion modification risks as it is made of thin and resistant materials.

« For several years, I have worked in collaboration with Lafond Desjardins Laboratory for my removable prosthesis, fixed and implant rehab. The work qualities, personal customer services and an access to the newest technologies help me carry out my work efficiently. »

DR Louis De Konninck, DMD, MSC, FRCD(C)

« It is with great pleasure that I work with the Lafond Desjardins laboratory. The team is dedicated, passionate and attentive to their customers. I am very happy to be able to count on their expertise and invaluable help. I thank the staff from the bottom of my heart for their patience and trust. »

DRE Émilie Af Ström, DMD

« For my cases, I want what's best. For my cases, Lafond Desjardins produces what's best. »


« Lafond Desjardins is not only a good laboratory, they're a team that recognizes the value of the clinic's efforts invested in their clients. »

DR Patrice Milot, DMD, MSD

« Quality is a constant concern for Charles and his team. For me, what distinguishes them the most, is their open mindedness and their great communication with clients. »

DR Daniel Cantin, DMD

« A laboratory where I can come unannounced, open the door, and be greeted with a smile, meet and discuss. But mostly, where I can refer my patients without worry. »

DR Patrick Champagne, DMD, MSC

« In life, in general, I never make compromises on quality. It seemed appropriate to do business with Lafond Desjardins, a team with the same concern for quality as me. They listen to you and advise you adequately. »

André Côté, DD

« What a pleasure to have quality work! Service is always fast and of great professionalism. Congratulations to all the team and thank you for your excellent work. »

DR Bruno Carré, DMD