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Return and Warranty Policy

Prostheses designed and manufactured by Lafond Desjardins Dental Laboratory are guaranteed starting from the date of the invoice. Please note, the lifespan of a prosthesis also depends on several factors beyond our control such as poor maintenance, bruxism, traumatic occlusion or shock.
In the event of a break within the warranty period, we will analyze the cause. If it is a manufacturing defect, we will proceed to the repair or the recovery, and this without cost.

  1. Fixed prostheses are guaranteed for two year.
  2. Removable prostheses are guaranteed for one year.
  3. No guarantee on a work for which we had reported a problem.
  4. Modification or restart of work on a new model (Fits well on delivery model but inadequate in mouth) are at 50% of charge.
  5. No warranty applies to dentures older than one year or additions to a new prosthesis or repairs.

Also, no other fees such as customer or patient time, material charges or any other fees other than the cost of manufacturing will be refunded.

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