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Warranty Policy

The warranty for dental products designed and manufactured by Lafond Desjardins dental laboratory begins on the date of billing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The wear and lifespan of a prosthesis depend on several factors beyond our control, including poor maintenance, bruxism, impact, or alteration during trial and cementation.

Section 1 – Warranty at Delivery

The accuracy of our dental products is guaranteed upon delivery, provided that their creation is based on the working models provided by the dental professional.

Minor adjustments may sometimes be required during trial and cementation. However, any excessive, irreversible adjustments, or those compromising our minimum safety parameters will void the product’s warranty. For more information on this, please refer to section 4.2 and the complete list of parameters in section 4.3.1.

1.1 Fixed prosthesis: 2-year warranty

1.2 Removable prosthesis: 1-year warranty

1.3 Immediate and temporary prosthesis: 3-month warranty

1.4 Repair and addition to new prosthesis: no warranty

1.5 Work done despite an unresolved problem identified by our team and reported to the client: no warranty


Section 2 – Reissue or Retouch Fees

2.1 Retouching a case that does not meet the original prescription criteria: no fees

2.2 Reissue of a case due to a manufacturing defect: no fees

2.3 Reissue of a case from a new impression: 50% of the total invoice amount

2.4 Reissue of a case due to a new prescription, patient allergy to materials, or treatment’s plan change: 100% of the total invoice amount


Section 3 – Liability

3.1 Lafond Desjardins disclaims all responsibility related to client or patient time, clinical material costs, and any other costs, except for the cost of manufacturing the prosthesis manufactured by Lafond Desjardins.

3.2 The dental model can be cast in stone in the laboratory from the client’s impression or printed in the laboratory from an intraoral digital file sent by the client. As the creation of a dental model requires involvement from both the client and the laboratory, we advocate a principle of shared responsibility if creating a new impression is necessary. Reissue fees equivalent to 50% of the total invoice amount will then be applied (as indicated in section 2.2).


Section 4 – Breakage or Defectiveness of Dental Product

4.1 In the event of breakage or defectiveness of a dental product during the warranty period, our technologists will proceed with the product analysis. Based on the analysis results, we will perform the repair or reissue in accordance with the terms of section 2.

4.2 We understand that minor adjustments may be necessary during placement in the mouth. However, any product subjected to excessive, irreversible adjustments, or those that may alter our minimum safety parameters will invalidate our warranty clauses. No credit or refund will be granted. To prevent this situation, in case of a problem or poorly fitted new prosthesis, we recommend limiting adjustments on the product and rather returning it to the laboratory. A certified Dental Prosthetist and Appliance Technician (DPAT) from Lafond Desjardins dental laboratory will conduct a thorough analysis. Based on the analysis results, we will perform the repair or reissue in accordance with the terms of section 2.

4.3 Any alteration of a new prosthesis that affects our minimum material safety parameters cannot be analyzed, which will invalidate our warranty clauses. No credit or refund will be granted. See the list of these parameters below and on trak.ca

4.3.1 Minimum Material Safety Parameters. The given dimensions correspond to the minimum thickness to be respected.


  • PMMA: 0.5 mm
  • Emax: 0.7 mm
  • Zirconia: 0.5 mm
  • Metal: 0.5 mm


  • Acrylic prosthesis: 2 mm
  • Nightguard: 2 mm occlusal and 1.5 mm buccal and lingual
  • Metal framework 0.6 mm
  • Peek framework: 1.2 mm
  • Valplast: 1.2 mm


4.4 When a broken or defective prosthesis is sent to the laboratory for analysis, the prosthesis along with all deliverables, including bites, models, impressions, and components, must be included in the shipment (see the photo titled “PIÈCES_LIVRÉES” on trak.ca, in the section ⇒ Archives ⇒ Patient ⇒ Details ⇒ Folder content, the pieces to be delivered). If one or more of these elements are not returned for analysis, it is likely that our reissue and warranty terms will not be honored as we will be unable to determine the exact causes of the issue.


Section 5 – Delivery Fees

– Dental courier: free of charge

– Order of $100 or less: $10

– Delivery by transport services Dicom, ICS, Fedex, or UPS:

  • To the laboratory: at the customer’s expense
  • To the customer: free of charge

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