There exist many treatment options and one of them is the mandibular advancement device.  A sleep apnea medical exam by a specialist doctor is required to determine the treatment of choice for your patient.

The D-SAD mandibular advancement device releases respiratory tracts and limits modification risks because it’s made of thin and resistant materials. This device maintains the mandibular in an advanced position therefore liberating respiratory tracts. Made of polyamide, this computer designed system resembles two gutters linked by a lateral independent mechanism.

Contrary to regular orthosis, D-SAD’s innovative feature is that it’s made of supple polyamide and functions by traction and not propulsion. Its lateral system lets you adjust the advancement to the millimeter, minimize buccal aperture and obstruction, limit occlusion risks and preserve the patient’s articular and muscular comfort.

Watch how to take the bite registration with the George gage.

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