Articulator calibration

The Stratos name is synonym of perfection when speaking of quality and ergonomy for precision articulators. Ivoclar proposes 3 types of perfectly well adapted articulators for your daily practice: Stratos 100, 200 and 300, with more or less  settings possibilities.

All our technicians have at their disposal calibrated Stratos Ivoclar articulators. Cases can be dealt with between our laboratory and your clinic, all the while maintaining the same settings, without having to transport the articulator by courier.

We have the necessary equipment and experience to calibrate your articulator. This will enhance precision and quality as well as let you keep your articulator at your clinic to manipulate ongoing works.

The articulator reproduces the mandibular movements. It’s the best instrument adapted to execute important dental work.  It offers all kinds of settings such as: the condyle incline curve, the propulsion movement, the Bennett movement, the retraction movement and the settings for lateral movement. Thanks to the UTS facial arc, the patient’s arbitrary maxillary jaw position can be transferred to the Stratos.

  • The scientific reference: The Stratos condenses scientific knowledge developed with the partnership of universities, dental surgeons and dentists and dental technicians. It is the concretization of many research studies.
  • The precision: The Stratos precision is guaranteed by “high tech” production methods (CAM) and permanent quality controls with 3D precision measuring apparatus.

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