TrackDesign advantages

Streamline the approval process

Comment on or approve within two minutes from the first use.

Access at any time

Review the 3D dental model of the case through a link sent by email.

Ensure a precise product

Participate in key stages to obtain a prosthesis that meets your specific requirements.

Provide real-time feedback

Our team receives your messages and proceeds with revisions promptly.

A process seamlessly integrated into the design steps

Save time every day with an intuitive platform developed by Lafond Desjardins.

TrakDesign—much more than a viewer. A collaborative platform for  designing perfection.

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Redefining custom-made with innovative products

Offer your patients perfectly fitted removable and fixed prostheses. With computer-aided design software, our experienced technicians design and manufacture high-quality digital products.

Discover digital dental products

Digital crown and bridge

Durable, high-quality prostheses with properties comparable to those of natural teeth

Digital nightguard

A product that offers fitted retention and resistance to bending and breakage

Digital Metallic Framework

A removable prosthesis delivering superior occlusal comfort, created with customized parameters

Digital removable full denture

A natural-looking removable prosthesis with a uniform thickness for enhanced comfort and functionality

Digital Prettau bridge

A product made from zirconia with perfect morphology and internal and external hand-colouring