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An innovative dental laboratory

Excel in your daily practice by choosing a dental laboratory that contributes to the success of all your treatments and to your patients’ satisfaction.

Your partner in dentistry

Our expert advisory team assists you in selecting the most suitable option according to your treatment plan, always at no cost. Communications are efficiently streamlined with the help of Trak and TrakDesign, exclusive tracking platforms developed by Lafond Desjardins.

High-precision products

Our technological approach ensures high-precision, customized dental products. Our processes include computer-aided design and manufacturing, 3-D printing and the Zirkonzahn approach. As the first dental laboratory in Quebec to adopt this method, we offer a selection of digital dental products made from zirconia, an aesthetic and durable premium material. Our laboratory is also the first and only in the province to produce printed metal structures.


A comprehensive specialized offer

A wide range of solutions, from digital dental products to colour setting services, is available to reduce chair time and increase patient satisfaction.

A selection of the best dental products available on the market allows for the production of fixed and removable prostheses in one place. The range of dental products available is suitable for the most common implant systems and a wide scope of globally recognized attachments.

For specific cases, you can validate your concept by modelling it in 3D before proceeding with production. The TrakDesign platform, an online tool developed by Lafond Desjardins, allows you to validate or optimize your concept in collaboration with our team of experts.

General Manager and Technical Expert, TPAD

Charles Desjardins

Working in the field of dentistry since 1994, Charles became a partner at Lafond Desjardins laboratory in 2006 and quickly took over as owner and general manager. His technological approach to design and production ensures advanced, high-precision dental solutions. Charles is responsible for the company’s strategic vision at all levels and oversees the quality control of all work. He also provides continuous technical support to clients.

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