Colour setting, photos and staining
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Colour setting, photos and staining

Patients can visit us for colour setting, photos or in-mouth staining. Our professional technicians will adjust crown colourings to ensure perfect harmonization with adjacent teeth.

Choice of colours and photos

Your patients will be greeted by our ceramists in a specially equipped room with specific lighting, the presence of windows facing patients provides natural lighting.

A unique sketch will be drawn with special attention to defining the restoration’s prep colour, as well as gums and adjacent teeth colour, when necessary.  We evaluate levels of luminosity, saturation, tint and degree of translucency required for the restoration.

We’ve established a 3 steps photo protocol. Thanks to our Nikon circular flash camera, we have put in place different settings in accordance with predetermined distances.

  • The macro photo, centered on one or two teeth, lets us see clearly the texture, the translucency and the teeth’s colouring gradation.
  • The photo of the whole mouth, using colouring guides, lets us evaluate the tooth needing restoration in a general framework. The colour is calibrated using superimposed colours guide on adjacent teeth.
  • The photo of the face helps us to better plan the tooth’s shape according to the form of the face, the eyes, the nose and the lips.

In-mouth colouring

Whether for minor touch-ups such as applying external colours on restorations or major alterations such as affixing ceramic layers, our experts have at their disposal all the necessary tools in order to attain the expected result and the satisfaction of your patients.

The ideal process to better harmonize crown colourings.

  1. Trial-test appointment at your clinic, in the morning.
  2. Colouring appointment in our laboratory, in the following hours.
  3. In-mouth installation appointment at your clinic, in the afternoon.

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