Due to its U shape, this bar does not move. It comes in a regular or micro version. You can only use metal riders on the regular version. You use titanium and plastic riders on the micro version.

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Its teardrop shape allows movement. It is mainly used between two implants or anterior posts and comes in a regular or micro version.

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The Dolder ++ Bar

With its gum-hugging design, the Dolder ++ is a new and improved version of the standard Dolder bar. It also offers uniformity throughout in terms of bar-gum distance. The bar can reach 8 mm in height, as opposed to the standard Dolder's fixed height of 3 mm. Its titanium riders are also custom designed to fit perfectly with the gum-hugging bar.



Depending on the configuration, this bar allows or prevents movement. The metal riders for this product “click” when you insert them.

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Designed according to the space available, this bar can be milled to two-, four- or six-degree angle. Its retention system may vary between balls and snaps.

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This bar is the ideal solution when anterior implants are too close together to put riders on a Dolder. With this product, you can use riders in the posterior region and a different attachment in the anterior region.

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Similar to the round bar, this product owes its ingenuity to its extensions that close the gaps between the gums and the bar’s underside. This combination also increases the rigidity of the bar and prosthesis. The riders are plastic.

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This product can be removable with the same shape as a fixed prosthesis. The retention system is composed of balls or snaps. Posterior locks can also be installed to increase the stability of the prosthesis. It is also possible to produce a metallic supra structure that will extend the life of this product.

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ReBourkeTM Concept Bar

The primary bar is designed with a 25-degree angulation to allow an easy path of insertion and avoid movement on the occlusal axis. The friction between the two structures is what maintains both bars together without any possibility of movement. In order to secure everything together, two MK1 attachments are used in the posterior area, giving the patient the same feeling as a fixed restoration.



These conical abutments custom-made at a four-degree angle. Each has a electrodeposited gold supra structure. The posterior abutments are fitted with distal locks to ensure maximum friction. This system is ideal for hygiene.

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The Montreal bar is designed according to the position of the teeth and serves primarily to support both the prosthetic teeth and acrylic. Only a metal band is apparent on the basal side of the prosthesis.

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Based on the Montreal bar design, the “metal lingual” concept minimizes the thickness of the prosthesis more than the acrylic lingual model. This increases the patient’s comfort. It is equipped with many small, nail head-shaped retentions to fully attach to the acrylic.

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This product has a metal-reinforced look for screw-retained prostheses. It can be completely integrated or can leave a fine line in contact with the gums.

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