Owing to its resistance and exceptional qualities, E.max esthetic is the material of choice for producing single esthetic restorations. With this material, it’s easy to re-establish a nice curve, close diastemas, change the coloring or simply modify a tooth’s shape or angulation. We’ve developed an efficient work technique with guaranteed results that will satisfy all your patient’s expectations.

There is one simple and effective solution to restore your patient’s dream smile and mask tooth defect such as dark colouring, slight malpositioning  (spacing, overlapping…) abnormal shape  (too short, cracked…). A dental veneer is a very fine porcelain shell bonded to the tooth’s visible portion to improve its appearance.

The demand for porcelain veneers has greatly increased during these last years. In the past, crowns were the choice solution to correct anterior-teeth esthetics. However, the advances made in cementing techniques have left room for more conservative methods regarding damaged teeth restoration. In fact, it has been demonstrated that porcelain veneers are an efficient way to re-establish tooth esthetic and function and they also imitate natural teeth due to their bio-mimetic properties. It has been proven that enamel-sealed porcelain veneers have a better success rate, so during preparation, it’s vital to preserve as much enamel as possible.

There are many techniques available to produce dental veneers. In order to always offer products of irreproachable quality, we have, for many years now, been using the Ivoclar Vivadent E.max production technique. E.max veneers are made of pressed ceramic, and are bacteria and stain-resistant. Their durability and esthetics are quite exceptional.

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