High-end thermoplastic proven technology for modern and esthetic dentistry. Semi-flexible and biocompatible, this metal-free component is recommended for partial dentures. This prosthesis, fashioned with undercut-filling short hooks, rests on the gums to add retention and support. Over time, metal alloys are subject to rupture. Valplast® flexible prostheses are stamped with lot numbers and are guaranteed for life against nylon fracturing or breakage under normal wear.

Nylon first appeared in the dental industry in the late 1940 and, more specifically, in removable partial dentures. Between 1946 and 1953, research, tests and equipment development of Valplast products are conducted by the brothers Arpad and Tibor Nagy in their own New-York laboratory.

The material used in the fabrication of Valpast flexible prostheses is a unique type of super-polyamide belonging to the nylon family. The material’s physical properties enable the fabrication of flexible partial dentures resting solely on gum tissue. The retention and stability of these prostheses are procured by Valplast’s own properties and by a simple device drawing beneath the longest contour lines. By eliminating unaesthetic anterior hooks, this type of prosthesis is a valid alternative to metal prostheses, as much for their functionality as for their esthetics. The flexibility and translucency of the rose-coloured Valplast prosthesis provides comfort and a natural feeling sensation. The Valplast flexi-nylon is a highly resistant material which makes this prosthesis practically unbreakable.

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