BPS Certified Laboratory since 1999, we have acquired solid expertise in the fabrication of BPS removable full dentures. Articulation precision on Stratos Articulator, Ivoclar teeth and Ivocap continuous pressure injection. This process ensures maximal palate adaptation and overbite elimination. A subtle BPS logo is integrated to the prosthesis for the benefit of the patient’s quality assurance.

In collaboration with Dental Art Professionals, Ivoclar has put forth a high-end solution for total edentulism treatment. Based on the usage of reliable and efficient materials, this is a choice solution for a senior-active market in full expansion.

The BPS prosthesis is a high precision full denture. Firstly, models are articulated on Stratos precision articulators. For teeth-mounting we use first quality Ivoclar teeth. All Phonares teeth are made of nano-hybrid composite with a highly distinguishing resistance to abrasion which places this material in a class of its own. Pre-dosed Ivocap acrylic is flask injected and cooked, kept closed with continuous pressure clamping. Therefore, all dimensional changes are kept to a minimum. A BPS Certification Seal is apposed inside the prosthesis. The BPS solution is a high-quality product which will satisfy your patients highest demands.

Crafting excellence, together.

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