Removable prostheses

We propose two types of materials.

  • Thermoflex : The heat induced flexibility supple Thermoflex plate. It covers the teeth’s buccal below the longest contour line procuring retention and stability. 
  • Ivocap rigid : The pressure injected translucent acrylic rigid Ivocap plate. Because of its rigidity, the buccal finish is a little more abrasive than the Thermoflex. Single or ball hooks are added to provide good retention. For the rigid bottom-plates, we add a metal reinforcement to the lingual for maximum strength in areas less resistant to long-term use.

We recommend that you should always take an open-mouth bite-mark of the night guard’s thickness. This will prevent major adjustments and will save time. Various colourings are available to offer patients exceptional products.

According to certain estimates, the pressure caused by jaw-clenching can attain 250 pounds during one night and shocks can occur up to ten times per hour.

Bruxism or teeth grinding, touches around 10 to 15% of the population. Major consequences are ATM problems, articulation blockage or snapping, teeth wear, gum receding, even tooth fracturing or dental tissue loss (enamel, dentine and pulp). Muscular pain and sleep problems can also occur. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed in order to prevent dire consequences to your patient’s health, smile and esthetics. The night guard represents a choice solution for treatment of this syndrome which touches many people. This device prevents contact between top and bottom teeth, protect teeth from deterioration, unload articulation and stop ATM muscles pain.


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