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We offer two types of materials: the flexible thermoflexible plate and the rigid plate.

We offer two types of materials: the flexible thermoflexible plate, the rigid plate.

The advantages of digital occlusal plates :

The design and manufacture of computer-assisted occlusal plates (CAD/CAM) implemented by the Lafond Desjardins laboratory, offer many advantages including biocompatible materials in compliance with regulations and international standards relating to medical devices compared to traditional production methods.

Indeed, thanks to the digitization of the production process and 3D printing, it is now possible to manufacture high quality occlusal plates and provide many advantages:


• Significant gains in terms of thickness control and process flexibility,
• Precise virtual articulation and movement thanks to computer software and data.
• Precise opening parameter thanks to computer calculation.
• Possible future reprint using the saved file.


• The precise adaptation of the occlusal plate and its neutral taste offer optimal comfort to the patient.
• The materials used provide the highest mechanical resistance to bending and breaking,
• Increased shelf life.
• Improved color stability and stain resistance.


• Thermoflexible : Increases in flexibility with heat. This covers the buccal of the teeth below the line of the largest contour in order to provide retention and stability.
• Rigid : Given its rigidity, the finish is slightly more incisal than the Thermoflexible.

We always advise to take a bite in the open position and in a centric relation, of the thickness of the occlusal plate. This will save you major adjustments and unnecessary waste of time. Various colorants are available to offer an exceptional product to your patients.

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According to some estimates, the pressure exerted by the clenching of the jaws during the night would reach up to 250 pounds and the shocks would occur dozens of times per hour.

Bruxism, or clenching of the teeth, affects approximately 10 to 15% of the population. The main consequences are TMJ problems, locking or snapping of the joint, wear of the teeth, loosening or even fracture of the teeth or loss of dental tissues (enamel, dentin and pulp). Muscle problems and sleep disturbances may also occur.

This is a serious problem, which must be taken care of, in order to avoid significant consequences in terms of aesthetics and the patient’s smile. The occlusal plate therefore represents a solution of choice for treating this syndrome which affects a large number of people. The appliance prevents the upper teeth from coming into contact with the lower teeth, slowing the deterioration of joints and teeth.

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