Simple or extended structures are available in two different types of precious alloy, such as 52% or 88% gold. We also offer Chrome-Cobalt alloy medical structures to guard against the gold market fluctuations.

We use a top of the line material of unequaled quality to resurface structures, the Vita VM13 ceramic stratification.

In Mineralogy, Feldspath is a laminated hard stone composed of silica, alumina and potash which has the form of a parallelepiped oblique-angle crystal and when it’s colourless, it resembles rock crystal but without affecting its transparency or dimensions. We use the Vita VM13 ceramic, a feldspathic whose structure, after heating, presents a significantly more homogeneous distribution of the crystalline and vitreous plane than the conventional ceramics. This innovative competition-free fine structure features all the components of the Vita VM ceramics. Because it can be grinded and polished remarkably well, plaque is less adherent and this results in easier prosthesis care for the patient. Its low-level solubility ensures high intra-oral resilience and in-mouth longevity.

Compared to conventional metal-ceramics, the Vita VM13 offers many improved physical properties. To name a few: cohesive bonding, flexion and thermal shock resistance. Porcelain is applied in successive layers.  In addition to Vita Classic and 3D Master’s basic colours, our technicians have at their disposal more than 60 ceramic tints such as Opalescence, Translucency, Orange, Yellow and many others in order to obtain natural looking stratification. The metal-ceramic crown has a very long-life expectancy.

Crown fabrication techniques and materials available on the market have substantially diversified over the past few years. However, metal-ceramic crowns are still a judicious choice for you as much as for your patient, especially when faced with difficult occlusal conditions or pronounced slants.

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