15 June 2020

Business merger: Lafond Desjardins acquires Dentoflex

The Lafond Desjardins Dental Laboratory is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of the Dentoflex Dental Laboratory. While the alliance has been in the works for several months already, we wanted to share the news officially! This merger enables years of expertise and know-how to come together as one. It also allows us to position ourselves as a frontline player in the field of dental prostheses.

Focus on teamwork

We are working hand in hand with the Dentoflex team to ensure integration runs smoothly. Customers will obviously continue receiving the same advantages and high quality they have come to expect. Our focus is to ensure a close collaboration between staff members for a seamless transition.

Our expertise, at your service

For several years, the Lafond Desjardins Dental Laboratory has stood as a leader in its field. Our customers benefit from a full range of personalized, accessible services, delivered on a human scale. We pride ourselves on the quality, durability and high precision of our products, while adhering to the highest industry standards.

  • Online tracking using the TRAK app, an exclusive portal developed by Lafond Desjardins
  • Patient-centred space for shade selection, photos and shading
  • Rental and sale of attachment and implant tools
  • Free delivery
  • Highly qualified technicians
  • Technical support available at all times
  • Industry-leading materials and technologies
  • Friendly, personalized service
  • All types of digital print files are accepted


Because passion, expertise and know-how are all about teamwork!

Crafting excellence, together.

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