30 September 2020

Building tomorrow, together!

We’re very proud to announce the opening of our brand-new lab in summer 2021, enabling Lafond Desjardins to position itself as an industry leader in the manufacturing of dental prosthetics.

Given its strong growth and evolving needs, the company has decided to create a new space fully adapted to its new reality. The building will be a true reflection of the company’s strength over the years and of its vision focused on bridging manual craftsmanship and advanced technology. Ultramodern lab, state-of-the-art equipment, redesigned workspaces… Discover a smart building that promotes innovative practices!

The spaces have been designed to maximize our staff wellbeing, featuring functional, performance-oriented workspaces.

  • Larger production area to accommodate more qualified staff.
  • New computer-assisted 3D design department.
  • New areas for tomorrow’s technology.
  • New photography center, colorization and colour choosing both featuring natural daylight for optimal results.
  • New space for special events like our Techno Bouffe evenings, conferences and workshops.

Stay tuned for more about this innovative, exciting and unifying project!

Crafting excellence, together.

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