A truly aesthetic and long-lasting solution

Prettau® Zirconia

To offer a functional and aesthetic solution to patients with space problems, bruxism or chipped ceramics, Enrico Steger and his Zirkonzahn team have created non-translucent zirconia. With this highly translucent material, known as "Prettau® Zirconia," aesthetically pleasing, full-Zirconia (FZ) restorations can be done.

This new "Prettau®" zirconia is particularly ideal for in case of implants, limited mouth space or restoration with gingival reconstruction. Another advantage: no ceramic veneer chipping problems for the simple reason that all functional areas are maintained as solid Prettau® Zirconia.

Prettau<sup>®</sup> Zirconia

Complete Screw Retained Implant Dentures


First, we make a special tooth mounting designed by our technicians on temporary abutments. Once accepted by the patient, we use our dual scan technology to digitize an exact replica.

Next, the prosthesis is milled with 5-Axis CAD/CAM milling tools from a 30 mm zirconia block. To give it a natural look, we apply in-house colourants with different tones (orange, brown, blue, pink and vita colours). Afterward, zirconia is sintered in a special furnace for eight hours for maximum hardness.

Then, porcelain is laminated to the buccal region, for aesthetic reasons, and gingival areas. Pink titanium bases are bonded to the prosthesis to establish metal implant connections.


More intuitive every time


Our 3D design software has been developed by dental technicians and computer scientists to allow us to offer a wide choice of products.

/  Inlay/Onlay/Veneer Module
/  Prettau® Bridge Module
/  Virtual Wax-Up & Adjacent Teeth Mirror Module
/  Attachment Module
/  Implant Bar Module
/  STL Import (Digital Thumbprint) Module
/  Provisional PMMA Module
/  Dicom Viewer Module
/  Custom Implant Abutment Module
/  Virtual Articulator Module


Reproduce every movement virtually


Articulator Module simulates temporomandibular joint movements in our 3D software. At the moment, it is the only system in the world that enables the technician to measure his or her articulator, import the measurements and work virtually with exact measurements.

The accurate representation of the articulator’s measurements allows the technician to virtually reproduce every articulator movement.


We work on all types of implants


Rotational titanium bases are ideal for multiple-unit bridges and anti-rotational are best suited for single crowns. The titanium bases for conical bonds are attached to the implant with the original screws. For 100% zirconia abutments, however, we can use screws with a flat profile to prevent tension within the zirconia which, in the worst case, could chip the abutment and make it unusable.

All our implant bases have been developed and milled by Zirkonzanh Italy.


Scan a complete arch


This is an automatic twin camera scanner with high ≤ 10 micron precision. Model can be rotated 360° and tilted 100°, which allows us to detect all objects with the laser pointer. The measurement field is particularly large, enabling us to capture a complete arch.

This scanner generates STL files for scanning individual dies, arch segments and full arch models and determining the relationship between bite records, opposing dentition, wax-ups, mushbite, veneers and implant abutments.


Fast milling


Based on proven technology, the M1 milling machine comes with 5 axis intelligent orbital technology. This ensures we can work from any angle for each milling. We can also work easily and quickly, even on undercuts and diverging abutments. In addition to crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and telescopic crowns, we can also produce full-zirconia abutments, screw-retained connections, attachments, bars and full dentures.


A real work of art


The colorants are applied by hand with a brush. Our color palette covers a broad spectrum of colour, enabling us to create a real work of art. With the "Colour Liquid," we can colour the internal zirconia structure before sintering.

Once sintered, the zirconia structure is nearly at 75% of the final result. The internal colour directly affects the laminated ceramic. For 100% zirconia crown and bridge cases, external colouring gives a aesthetically pleasing, natural look.

Desired hardness, adjustments and colour


The 600/V3 furnace is adjustable up to 1700° C and comes with controlled air circulation, so sintering translucent zirconia has reached a whole new level. Zirkonzahn constantly strives to let us enjoy all the benefits of their advances in technology — ensuring that precision, quality and speed are always our equipment’s greatest strengths. Machined zirconia is sintered for eight hours to obtain the desired hardness, adjustments and colour.

The final touch for optimal results



When it comes to dental implants, metal abutments affect zirconia and, in turn, the final colour. That's why our equipment allows us to colour titanium. Bases and abutments can be treated in an anodizing bath.

With pink colouring for gingival areas and gold dental zones, we can ensure an optimally superior final result. Twenty colours are available if you would like to have a special implant bar.


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