CHROME cobalt framework

Whether you need pre-measured, vacuum-packed coatings, biocompatible alloys that must meet the European Community’s strict standards or appliances for vacuum-casting these alloys, we make every effort to provide products that exceed your expectations.


coronal framework

Precise, custom design: this piece is, in many cases, the ideal choice for making partially edentulous patients more comfortable.


coronal anatomic suprastructure

This superstructure is perfectly adapted for all retainer devices set on a milled bar or abutments. It leaves the entire palate unobstructed and recreates the lingual surface on the teeth, providing unmatched comfort and a natural feeling.



Certified by BPS Laboratories since 1999, we have extensive experience in making fully removable BPS prostheses. The Ivocap acrylic injection process guarantees an excellent fit without any overbite.


pink / transparent / colored clasp

In some cases, unattractive metal clasps can be replaced by more appealing flexible nylon clasps. Pink for those near the gum line, coloured ones from the Vita colour guide when up against a tooth, or simply transparent.



The Cu-Sil partial prosthesis is an excellent way for the patient to keep a few teeth when the prognosis is poor. The silicone ring that surrounds the teeth provides outstanding retention, maximum comfort and an excellent fit. Plus, when you have to extract the teeth, a simple repair is all you will need to do. Also available: molded acrylic (water bath cured), characterized Lucitone, anatomical finish, Lucitone 199, clear acrylic, high-pigment acrylic and soft bases.



Proven, leading-edge thermoplastic technology for today’s modern, aesthetic dentistry. Semi-flexible and biocompatible, this metal-free material is recommended for partial prostheses. These prostheses are made with short clasps that flex into the undercuts resting on the gums to add retention and support.



Depending on the sport, retention degree and comfort level, three types of mouth guards are available. Type III: a sheet of soft material adapted to the model (with no blocker). Type IV: two sheets of pressure-laminated material (occlusion at the opening, blocker required, various registration options). Type V: a high-end guard with a wax-molded, Ivocap elastomer-injected articulator (clear or tinted).



Our occlusal plates can be made from different material with various techniques. Depending on the treatment, you can choose from hard or semi-rigid acrylic (Thermoflex). Wire clasps can also be incorporated into the appliance for a better fit.



We can make stable assemblies for every type of articulator, producing custom-made impression trays, base plates and wax strips.

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