There’s nothing better than porcelain veneers to bring a smile back to someone's face. This is the perfect choice for restoring beautiful contours, closing diastema and changing the colour — or simply the shape or angle — of a tooth. We have developed an effective ceramic pressing technique that creates extraordinary porcelain veneers.



We custom-design zirconium structures to a strength of 1200 MPa. Internal coloration are added to replicate dentin and natural gums. Using powder and translucent modifiers, we apply a porcelain laminate to the zirconium. The final product is unparalleled.


Maryland Bridge zircon-ceramic

Designed to replace one or two teeth while causing minimal damage to adjacent teeth. We offer three types of maryland bridges: the zirconium-porcelain bridge for optimal aesthetic results, the metal-porcelain bridge, and the metal-porcelain bridge with ceramic-covered wings. What's more, our Roquette maryland bridge features holes on its wings for a better hold.



This products strikes the perfect balance between exceptional strength and aesthetics. After scanning models or directly treating your digital impression, our technicians virtually design the restorations, which are milled with a five-axis machine, in lithium disilicate “blue block.” The result? A product of consistent quality and stunning beauty. Indication: crown and veneer. Strength: 360 MPa. Composition: SiO2.



A conservative approach to replacing a missing tooth and an alternative to the three-unit bridge. The teeth adjacent to the pontic provide the bridge with inlay support. Our ZirkonZahn manufacturing method enables us to design and engineer a 100% zirconia California bridge, which optimizes the aesthetic outcome of the procedure and offers incomparable strength.



We can also make whitening trays for you.

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